What Happens When You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When should you call a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury claim could be filed when you believe that your injury has been caused by the negligence of another party. You should call a Personal Injury lawyer when:

  • You’ve been hurt from a traffic accident in British Columbia
  • When your insurance company (ICBC usually) has wrongfully denied your claim
  • When benefits are delayed
  • You receive a low offer.  In fact, call us if you receive any offer … chances are you don’t know what a fair offer is.
  • When you have suffered a serious or debilitating injury from a car accident or any type of traffic accident.

FYI: We offer free consultations so we recommend you come in and see us as soon after your accident as possible.  We can come to you if that’s more convenient.

Once you take the step to hire a personal injury lawyer in our firm, the following steps is what you can expect.

What Happens when you hire a personal injury Lawyer – Big Picture?

1.  Consultation and Interviews

Immediately after you hire the services of our lawyers, the attorney discusses the details and circumstances of your case.  This interview can be lengthy because we want to know all the facts.

2.  Legal Advice

Once our lawyer understands your case from you, they will give you advice … usually starting with listen and follow all recommendations made by your doctor.

3.  Collect Evidence

At this time we also start collecting as much evidence as we can get relevant to your claim.  Evidence gathering can be an ongoing process, especially if you’re still receiving medical treatment and aren’t 100% recovered.

4.  Medical Treatment

If it’s been a while since your accident and you’re still not 100% recovered, our lawyer will likely set up private medical consultations for you with various specialists.  This may include an MRI if one has not been done.

5.  Lawsuit

Depending on how long it’s been since your injury, our lawyer may start the lawsuit.  Don’t worry, we’ll explain what this entails.  We ask that you focus on getting better.

6.  Examination for Discovery

Once the lawsuit is started, you may be asked to attend an examination for discovery by the lawyer working for ICBC.  This is routine … and don’t worry … we will work with you to prepare for this discovery process.

7.  Mediation

After discovery, we may schedule a mediation in an effort to resolve your claim before trial.  This may or may not result in a settlement.  By this time, we’ll have all of your evidence and have thoroughly assessed your claim (based on the evidence).  It’s this assessment we present at mediation.

If your claim does not resolve at mediation, we proceed to trial.

Just so you know, most cases resolve in settlement before trial … but we can’t tell you exactly how your case resolves until it does.