What Do Our Personal Injury Lawyers Do For You?

Generally speaking, BC personal injury lawyers are professionals who provide legal representation to people who suffer from personal injury due to the negligence of another party. These attorneys are also referred to as accident attorneys, accident lawyers and ICBC injury www mail order brides com claim lawyers. Personal injury lawyers should have extensive knowledge of personal injury and insurance laws that are concerned with damages or injuries that cause harm to someone’s health, property and legal rights.

What do our injury lawyers do for you?

We can’t speak on behalf of other firms, but we can explain what we do when representing car accident victims.  The following is a brief outline of what we do for our clients who have ICBC injury claims.

1.       Assist you in pursuing claims or compensation for personal injuries.

This is our over-arching mission for every client.  In fact, our aim and mandate is to obtain as much compensation as possible for each and every client.

Most of the time in BC, these claims involve ICBC.  It is important that victims consider a personal injury lawyer’s experience, skill and track record before hiring a law firm. This is important since only a personal injury attorney with vast experience and success in representing clients in personal injury cases gives you the best chance of winning your claim.

2.       Address liability issue(s).

In some cases the fault of an accident is not determined or in dispute.  When this is the case, part of our job is to minimize or eliminate any fault levied against our clients.

In BC, if you’re found 50% at-fault, you are entitled to 50% compensation.  In other words, you’re entitled to the amount of compensation in proportion to the other party’s fault.

3.        Provide you ongoing legal advice and guidance

We take our roll seriously as your advocate.  We explain what’s going on each step of the way, present your options as your case develops and provide you our best legal advice.

4.        Collect evidence and all relevant information relevant to your claim.

Every case involves evidence.  It may be a medical report from your family doctor.  It may be a binder full of medical reports from several specialists.  It often includes X-ray reports, MRI reports and other diagnostic reports.  Other medical evidence includes paramedic report(s) and past medical records.

Outside of the medical realm, there are witness statements, police reports, family/friends/co-worker statements, school records, and of course your testimony.

Our method to helping clients is to obtain and present your evidence in such a way to obtain the highest possible compensation possible.

5.        Assess Your Claim

Once all the evidence is collected, we spend a great deal of time assessing your claim.  We review past similar court decisions and apply financial analysis to your losses.  In some cases, if a claim is complex, we hire financial experts such as economists and/or forensic accountants to assist in this process.

6.        Pursue Settlement/Resolution

Personal injury cases can be long, drawn out cases and sometimes the best option for many clients is to work toward a settlement.  We engage in settlement negotiations in almost every case.  Rarely do clients want to go to trial.  We understand this and work to settle cases.

Settlement involves ICBC, lawyers working for ICBC and sometimes mediation.

That said, when negotiations don’t work, we go to trial and let a judge or jury decide.

You call the shots

One thing we CANNOT do is make a settlement deal without your express authority.  You ultimately decide if you wish to settle your claim.  We will provide you legal advice and our opinion, but we cannot make the decision for you.

When we provide our legal opinion, we base it on the evidence and our legal/medical analysis and explain the strengths, weaknesses and risks of your case.

Why hire our BC personal injury lawyers for your claim?

The value of hiring good BC personal injury lawyers should never be underestimated. Seeking the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential in ensuring that you get the best representation for your claim.  Schedule a free consultation at personalinjurylawyersmapleridge.com.

Our firm has the necessary experience and knowledge in handling traffic accident claims. But the real value of hiring a personal injury lawyer goes beyond the court. In some cases, these legal professionals are able to work a settlement and get your compensation without it proceeding to a lawsuit.

We’re also nice people (so that we’ve been told), which makes working with your lawyer a much better experience.