How Do You Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case?

There are two things that clients must look for when seeking to find the best personal injury lawyer: experience and effective advocacy. The lawyers at our firm exemplify the best of both qualities.

We have years of experience in litigating personal injury cases which has given us the unquestionable competency in evaluating and providing knowledgeable legal advice for clients as well as advancing our clients’ cases in the best light. A good lawyer should also have extensive trial practice. The reason trial experience is important is that ICBC (or whatever insurer is involved), must know that your lawyer, if necessary, will go to trial and present an excellent case.

Our experience includes representing both defendants and plaintiffs which gives us the opportunity to approach each case from both angles. Part of our legal experience includes handling a myriad of cases that include mediations, settlements and complex trials.

Find a lawyer who has handled cases similar to your case

Finding the right lawyer for you includes extensive experience in handling similar personal injury or accident cases you are currently pursuing. A personal injury law firm should have a team of lawyers who specialize in handling certain types of cases (our firm has 5 lawyers who practice personal injury law). This gives you a better chance of getting the best representation for your claim.

Studies have shown that personal injury lawyers who focus in one or a few types of cases are more likely to get their clients 20 percent more compensation compared to non-specialized attorneys. This is why working with an attorney that focuses on traffic accidents would be a better idea than getting a general-practice attorney.


Even the best education is no substitute for years experience in litigating personal injury cases. Lawyers with proven winning experience in personal injury cases increases your chance of getting the highest compensation available for your injuries.  It’s experience and past results that drive your reasons for hiring a lawyer.

Getting the services of a great Maple Ridge personal injury lawyer plays a big part in determining how much compensation or how your claim is resolved. Hiring lawyers with years of experience handling cases similar to your case (for example if you have a whiplash case, hire a lawyer with experience handling such cases) and in-depth understanding of the law is your best chance of resolving claims to your advantage. Our lawyers are equipped with the necessary resources and strategies that help you get the highest compensation for your claims.

Personal injury claims could be lengthy. When choosing an attorney be sure that you are choosing one who you feel comfortable working for months or years. Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship and you should find one that is the perfect fit for your case.

Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer (whether in Maple Ridge or anywhere else)

Here are a few questions you should ask us and yourself to determine if we, your prospective personal injury lawyers are a good fit for your case (and these are questions we invite you to ask us when you come in for a free consultation):

1.        Is the personal injury lawyer experienced in handling your specific claim?

After you tell us about your case, ask us if we’ve handled similar cases before.  If your case is an injury claim stemming from a traffic accident, we’ve likely handled cases similar to yours.  After all, we’ve been doing this type of work for more than 30 years.

2.        Are you comfortable with working with the lawyer with whom you meet?

This is a good question to ask yourself when interviewing any lawyer.

Hiring the best personal injury lawyer for YOUR case requires that you be comfortable with your lawyer.  You’ll be dealing extensively with your lawyer so the process should be something that works for you.  You don’t want to work with a lawyer with whom you’re not comfortable.

Use your free consultation as an opportunity to assess your comfort level with the consulting lawyer.

3.  What is their history of prior results?

Ask this direct question and we’ll answer it.  Obviously we can’t divulge past client names, but we can provide general information about how we’ve handled similar cases in the past.

4. How much time is the personal injury law firm going to invest in your claim?

Some cases are simpler while others are more complex.  We take every case seriously, but we also know that your time is valuable.  We welcome you to ask about your level of involvement (each case is different) and what you might expect in terms of case duration and complexity.

Often we can’t tell you how long your case will take (actually it’s really impossible to say except that it may resolve quickly or go the distance to a trial which can be a few years down the road).  We can say that it is our mission and philosophy to put our clients’ interests first and that we do all we can to obtain the best outcome for each and every client … regardless of the time and resources required.

5.  Is your lawyer equipped with the necessary resources to properly represent your claim?

This is an important question.  Every personal injury case in British Columbia requires spending money to advance the case.  Most money is spent on medical experts, but other experts may be needed as well.  There may be other costs involved that your lawyer must pay to advance your case.  You definitely want to know that your lawyer is well-funded to advance your case.

Our firm is extremely well-funded to handle even the largest personal injury cases and so we can pay for extensive and expensive experts when necessary.

6.  Will you be able to communicate with your lawyer when needed?

Ask the lawyer how you’ll communicate with him or her.  Better yet, express your preferred mode of communication.  We welcome you to tell us whether you prefer us to talk to you by phone, email or another form of communication.

A great injury lawyer must be able to show a history of successful verdicts and claims that includes cases where clients were able to get the highest compensation available under the law. Personal injury law firm must be able to display great understanding in every claim presented to them. These lawyers could identify what strategies works best for each client.

Personalized Representation and Advocacy

Our personal injury law firm has worked and represented a diverse clientele in the Maple Ridge area for years. We pride ourselves in establishing a reputation of providing dependable, effective and smart services to our clients.