Do You Need to Hire an ICBC Lawyer for Your ICBC Claim?

Technically speaking, no you do not need to hire an ICBC lawyer.

Practically speaking, it’s a really good idea to do so.  We have had many clients come to us with low ICBC offers only to pursue their cases and obtain significantly more compensation.  In fact, the increase in compensation we’ve obtained for many clients from initial low-ball ICBC settlement offers is often staggering.

One of the important things that anyone who has suffered from personal injury due to the negligence of another party should consider is to hire a personal injury attorney. This is because only best dating sites rating a personal injury lawyers can ensure that you are properly represented in your case and that the maximum compensation for your injuries.

An ICBC Lawyer is Knowledgeable in Personal Injury Law

Lawyers in general are legal professionals who practice law. Our ICBC injury claim lawyers have extensive experience dealing with ICBC . The simple reality is that some insurance companies work hard to limit the amount of compensation they award to each claim (and it’s getting worse and worse). What’s more surprising is that some of these companies deny claimants compensation for personal injuries for legitimate and life-shattering claims.

An ICBC lawyer can help you determine just how much compensation is available under the law and helps determine the merits of your case. They can determine if negotiating a settlement or pursuing the case is in your best interest.

2 kinds of ICBC lawyers

There are ICBC lawyers who work for ICBC and then there are those who work for injured people claiming against ICBC.

You obviously need to hire a lawyer who works for injured victims claiming against ICBC.

ICBC Lawyers can help you Determine the Highest Compensation for Personal Injuries

You may be surprised at the difference between how ICBC values your claim and how we value your claim.  The separation in dollar amount can be staggering.

Our approach to assessing your damages (compensation) is based on past court cases and the facts of your case.  Facts of your case include your pain and suffering, wage loss, future losses, out of pocket expenses and future costs of care.  Chances are if you deal on your own with ICBC, you won’t know all the damages you may be entitled to and you can be sure ICBC won’t tell you … but we will.

Because our legal fees are based on a percentage of the amount of money we obtain for you, it’s in our best interest to see that you obtain as much compensation as possible.  Therefore, when we put your claim to ICBC (or present it at court), we will assess and present your claim in the best light possible.

An ICBC Lawyer is Experienced in BC Insurance Law

Your personal injury claim might not be as simple as it seems. There are times when ICBC would be happy to award you what seems to be fair compensation according to your policy but in fact you are entitled to a higher compensation according to existing laws.  Only an ICBC lawyer who has extensive experience dealing with injury claims in BC and dealing with ICBC could help identify this information and circumstances which may otherwise be unknown to a personal injury claimant. In some cases, the law allows clients to receive multiple insurance claims giving you more compensation than previously thought.

ICBC Lawyers provide the best representation in Court

Only if you hire an ICBC lawyer could you ensure that you are getting the best chance of getting your claim being heard at court in as thorough of a presentation as possible (that your claim deserves). Although it is entirely legal to represent yourself in any court case, this may not be the wisest avenue to take. ICBC is fully aware that they are in danger of paying more compensation when a claim is submitted to a legal proceeding. When faced with a competent personal injury lawyer, ICBC often opts for settlement instead of paying for an expensive trial and possibly paying more than the settlement amount.

Please note that trial is risky for everyone and that’s why fair settlements are common.  Our approach is not to unnecessarily put at risk with an unnecessary trial.  Throughout the process we explain the risks involved for continuing on to trial.  This real risk exists regardless which lawyer you hire.

Increase the Value of Your Claim with an ICBC Lawyer

When you hire our ICBC lawyers, you are sending a signal to ICBC that you are serious in pursuing your claim. They will know that you are asking more than what they are currently offering on the table.  Learn more about how to choose a good lawyer here.

How do we increase the value of your claim?

1.  Simply by hiring a lawyer, ICBC will take your case more seriously and realize you mean business.

2.  Our lawyers hire medical experts and your treatment providers to provide extensive medical reports that build your claim.

3.  We’re prepared to go the distance … to mediation and/or trial when necessary.

4.  We hire financial experts to assess complex claims that involve future losses such as future income loss and future cost of care.

5.  We claim for every nickel you’re entitled to.  There are many categories of damages that you can claim for … several of which are likely unfamiliar to you.

6.  We talk to witnesses (your friends, family and co-workers) to get additional information about how your injuries affect your life.  This type of evidence is extremely persuasive to ICBC and we know how to present it to ICBC and in Court so that it helps your claim.