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We’ve seen it too often.  A person, we’ll call her Christina, is hurt in a crash she didn’t cause.  She resides in Maple Ridge (where the car accident also occurred).  She has multiple injuries including constant neck and back pain.

She gets massage therapy and physical therapy treatment.  After a few weeks or months ICBC pushes a short-term loss compensation offer on her plate.

Christina has never had an ICBC claim before so she is not familiar with the process.  She’s also not familiar with the process of finding and hiring a personal injury lawyer.  More importantly, she’s totally unfamiliar with how much compensation is fair compensation.

Now we’re not saying every case we take on is worth $90,000.  We’ve obtained multi-million dollar awards for our clients and settlements for less than $90,000.  Each case is unique.  The starting point is not $90,000.

However, in our experience, the starting point for fair compensation is very often not the amount the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia suggests in the early weeks or months after a crash either.

The Point Is …

No matter how severe your injuries, it’s always a good idea to speak with an ICBC injury lawyer about your case.  Whether you have an offer or not … get informed about the claim process.


We make it easy for you to learn more about your case by offering free consultations to car accident victims.  If we take on your case, our legal fee is based on a percentage of the amount of compensation we get for you … and it’s paid when you get paid.

6 Good Reasons to Take Us Up on Our Consultation Offer

1. Learn about your deadlines

All ICBC injury claims in BC have strict deadlines.

2. Have any existing ICBC settlement offers reviewed by us

If you’ve received a settlement offer, it’s well worth the 30 to 60 minutes of your time to talk it over with one of our lawyers. We’re conveniently located in Maple Ridge (see below) where we can meet with you. We also have offices in Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey and Aldergrove if that’s more convenient for you.

3. Get a better understanding of the claim process

We’ve been helping people with car accident insurance claims for more than 30 years. We have 5 attorneys in our firm dedicated to ICBC injury claims. We can answer your questions and explain the process to you. From there you can decide whether you want to hire our Maple Ridge personal injury lawyers. Yes, there’s no obligation to hire us if you take us up on our free consultation offer.

4. Have you signed authorizations that gives ICBC access to your employment and/or medical files?

We understand there’s a lot of paperwork when you make an insurance claim. You sign all kinds of forms. It’s likely you signed authorizations that give ICBC full access to your employment and/or medical files. Although we can’t do anything about this if you don’t retain us, we can explain the forms your signed and the implications of signing them.

When you hire our law firm, we can have those authorizations you signed revoked. This puts us and you in the driver’s seat.

5. Discuss whether booking medical appointments with medical specialists is necessary in your case

If your injuries aren’t healing, it may be in your best interests (medically and legally) to visit medical specialists who focus on your type of injuries. We work with a network of doctors and can arrange these appointments for you. We will also fund those appointments up front for you. This process is very important in many cases and it’s something we can discuss with you at a consultation.

6. Help pay for your treatment

Often you lack funds for getting sufficient treatment. Moreover, you may have user or visit fees to pay for. We can help with these costs. During your free consultation we can explain how we can help.

Who will you meet with?

All of our ICBC injury attorneys are members of the Law Society of BC as well as a members of the Canadian Bar Association.  When you schedule your consultation, state which of our offices is most convenient for you.

Our legal team


Our Approach and Services

Our legal team is dedicated to helping injured people suffering from short term, long term or permanent disabilities. Our team represents clients suffering from cases that include traffic accidents involving ICBC. Each of our Maple Ridge personal injury attorneys ensure that each client gets the most compensation with minimum stress.

Families of a loved one who is hurt due to negligence will be happy to know that our team of dedicated lawyers work extra hard to give you the highest level of compensation provided by law. Part of our commitment is to find financial support and remedies required to help victims of negligence causing pain and suffering recover from a lengthy disability or locate support for lifelong injuries. Our law firm has over 30 years of experience and have helped countless clients with their claims and obtain fair compensation.

Aside from the physical and psychological side effects that each client endures, there will also be the long-term consequences which affects the client’s immediate and future financial future. Part of our network of experts includes medical experts who help with recovery and the medical legal case as well as financial experts who determine the highest available amount of compensation and damages clients are entitled to receive.

Our legal strategy is designed to aggressively pursue every available legal avenue. This does not exclude saving clients from the trouble and expense of extensive trials whenever favorable settlements are available. However, our injury attorneys are experienced in pursuing car accident injury claims in court when it is determined that litigation is the better option.

Only the services of an experienced and winning legal team could help you get the highest available compensation. When you believe that you’ve been hurt due to negligence, such as a car accident, then you have the right to seek lawful compensation or damages. It is important that you understand that these cases are not designed to take advantage of any party or individual. But a legal right available to everyone.

Obtaining compensation

People suffering from personal injuries due to negligence often undergo physical, mental and financial stress. There are truly difficult times that require support from individuals who are effective, reliable and strong. We are a powerful advocate for families and victims.

Each individual on our team is equipped with the legal experience to help victims suffering from all types of injuries (see the chart above) obtain just compensation due to negligence by another individual or company no matter the size and complexity presented by the case. Our team of recognized attorneys has dedicated their professional life to safeguarding the rights of victims.

We ensure that each case is treated uniquely whether it involves filing a claim against an individual or a high profile company. However, the goal remains to be the same. It is to achieve the highest compensation available under the law.

The sad reality is that people who find themselves victims are made to suffer twice. First during the injury and secondly when they claim for compensation. Sometimes insurance companies and corporations do not reflect the just amount of compensation reflected in their company or insurance policy. Worst, some of these use their financial clout to protect themselves from compensating victims or pay their liability.

Hiring Us

Hiring us is simple.  We start with a free consultation.  You tell us about your case and let you know whether it’s a case we can take on (generally, if you’re hurt and traffic accident isn’t your fault, we will take on your case.  Moreover, we only collect legal fees when we recover money for you … and our fee is based on a percentage of the amount of money we obtain for you).

Often people hurt from traffic accidents in British Columbia might be surprised to know that they might be entitled to a higher amount of compensation compared to what their insurance companies are currently offering them. Losses in income and psychological stress suffered by each client go beyond the medical costs that insurance companies offer.

Part of our job is to help you negotiate additional compensation for lost wages, medications and home care treatment while you are recovering or faced with the prospect of long-term or permanent disabilities. Some insurance policies are designed to provide minimum coverage for maximum profit. Insurance companies have large legal teams that work doubly hard to minimize the amount of compensation to policy holders.

Years of legal experience has provided us with the necessary knowledge in presenting the best personal injury compensation for each of our clients. Our team of dedicated ICBC lawyers focuses on ICBC injury claims and works hard with insurance companies to get the highest compensation available for each client.

Because of the sensitive nature of these types of cases, it is essential that you immediately seek the services of a competent legal team. Medical bills need to be paid and loss of income requires immediate attention or compensation.

Our ICBC attorneys help you answer some of these questions during a free consultation:

Another good resource to read is how to find the best injury lawyer for your case.

Why Work with our Maple Ridge ICBC lawyers

Each member of injury department has successfully secured compensation for people hurt from all types of causes. We endeavor to obtain the best compensation for victims of car accidents and other types of traffic accidents in British Columbia.  These types of cases can be complex and the process could be extremely lengthy. Only by hiring a competent and professional ICBC lawyer can you ensure that your rights are protected and the highest available compensation is awarded by ICBC (or another insurance company if they’re involved).

Our Location

Our law office is conveniently located at:

22717  119A Ave, Maple Ridge, V2X 8S5


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Don’t make a bad situation worse

Getting hurt is bad.  Missing work, not being able to do all the things you could before and suffering pain is bad.  That’s why our legal system requires that people hurt as a result of another person’s negligence is entitled to compensation.

If you accept less than you’re entitled, you turn a bad situation into a worse situation.

Protect yourself and your claim.  Talk to one of our personal injury attorneys in Maple Ridge.  We have a great deal of experience with ICBC injury claims.  We can help.

A frightening account of how insurance companies handle claims

The following is a video from CNN about insurance companies in the USA.  Although ICBC is not profiled, ICBC can take a similar stance.

How our firm handles these situations

Our clients have had similar tactics used against them and our lawyers took care of it … going to trial when necessary.  Although in the above video the case didn’t work out for the claimant (she was not our client), we’ve been able to handle these situations and tactics successfully.  The point is not to accept any ICBC claim denial and instead talk to us about your claim.